Finding the correct size for your little one is tricky sometimes, especially when you are buying online. To help you find the correct sizes from 0 years to 7 years, please have a look at each style it will make it easier for you to pick the correct size. Our size guide provides you with length, chest/waist, and hip measurements along with height which makes it easier for you to pick the appropriate size.



Each baby is unique and grows at his/her own pace. We believe that it is not necessary that all babies of the same age will have similar weight. Each body structure is different, so we help you pick up the correct size based on the length, chest/waist, and hip measurements. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to pick up sizes according to height, hence we also provide and recommend that you pick up the sizes based on length and chest measurements.

Our clothing line-up is categorized on the below factors:

 Size – it is the age group

Length in cm

Chest in cm

Waist in cm

Hip in cm

Height in cm

The measurement given for the chest, waist, and hip is flat measurements and not all-round. In order to have an all-round measurement simply multiply the measurement given by 2.

For example – if the chest measurement provided is 22 cm on our website, this is a flat measurement. Simply, multiply it by 2 (22 x 2) which makes it 44 cm and this is the all-round body measurement.  If your baby’s chest is 44 cm or less, our product will fit.

Babies grow very quickly and very fast. For comfortable and easy dressing, it is advised to dress your baby based on the measurements given against each product.

Each style is unique and has its own silhouette and styling. The straight-fit styles have different measurements than the gathered styles. In order to choose the right fit for your little ones, we have described our style stating relaxed or fitted. Each product has a different fitting, each top will have a unique fit and this doesn’t mean the style is faulty. So, look for the fitting description against each product, this is to make it easier for you to choose between the skinny/fitted top or gathered/loose top.

Please note that the measurement given in the size chart is the average sizing of our garments. These garments are all hand cut please allow a garment tolerance of +/- 1cm to 1.5 cm for the measurements. Each piece is unique and so is each fabric. The fitting on each fabric is different in production and fit. We make sure to keep the measurements to the standard as close as possible.



We want our products to last long for your little one so please follow the care instruction attached to each garment. After opening a packet, you might see fold marks that are natural and comes after steaming and folding. These marks will disappear after the first wash.


Our fabrics are made with the finest yarn and have a super soft hand feel. Cotton is natural yarn and in order to keep the same look and feel we recommend a gentle machine cold wash with line dry. Natural air drying is best for natural yarns. Do not use harsh chemicals, softeners, or bleach on any of our organic cotton products. These chemicals will destroy the natural elasticity and colours of our product. Likewise, we want organic cotton for our little babies these natural yarns also need a natural way of washing to last long.

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