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Weaving Dreams and Heritage into ATLIV

Growing up in India where oil lamps lit the nights, I was surrounded by the loving hum of sewing machines and the gentle rustle of fabrics. As a little girl, I watched my mother and my sister transform simple cloth into beautiful attire, their hands working magic with each stitch creating clothes that were loved and admired by everyone. They were not just
artisans but magicians who turned simple cloth into beautiful garments. Every stitch my mother and sister made was a stitch of hope and love, helping to support our big family. I would watch in awe as my mother knit tiny sweaters for babies and created beautiful embroidery patterns on clothes. Each piece of ATLIV is a testament to my mother’s dedication and passion. Inspired by their dedication and creativity, I vowed to carry forward their legacy, immersing myself in the world of stitching, embroidery, and design.

The ATLIV Journey of Tradition and Joy

As the years passed, my fascination with the art of garment-making blossomed into a passionate calling, and I felt a deep connection to the art of garment-making. Inspired by my mother's relentless dedication and the joy she brought to others through her creations, I embraced this craft wholeheartedly. I saw it not just as a skill but as a proud service, a way to spread love and happiness through my hands. I honed my skills in stitching, embroidery, and design, perfecting my craft with every passing day.

Our Philosophy

 I achieved my dream by creating high-quality clothing with a sustainable core for various top international brands, ensuring that all the production safety measures are followed. This ethos and the creative drive, which is as strong today as it was at its inception, bring ATLIV to your little ones. With more than 24 years of experience in the garment industry, I decided it was time to weave my dream into reality. I always envisioned a brand that would not only honor my family's tradition but also bring joy to the world.

With this expertise of more than 2 decades in garment manufacturing life cycle which begins from sourcing the right fabric, printing, dyeing, embroidery, stitching, finishing, packaging and ends up with the high quality garments with the perfect and soft hand feel being delivered at your door step giving you the peace of mind that every piece at every stage is being handled by the experts
who actually know what they are doing.

Our Commitment To Do The Right Things

Driven by a dream to share the warmth and love I had inherited, I founded ATLIV, a baby clothing brand that embodies the same dedication and passion I witnessed in my mother. Each piece from ATLIV is crafted with meticulous care, ensuring that every baby feels the soft touch of love and luxury. I design my garments to be as gentle as a mother's embrace, with fabrics that are soft against delicate skin and vibrant designs that capture the imagination of both parents and children. ATLIV garments are not just clothing; they are stories of heritage, love, and passion woven into every thread.

My journey is a beautiful testament to the enduring power of love and tradition. ATLIV stands as a beacon of quality and care, a brand that parents trust and children adore. Every piece tells a story, a story that began with a little girl watching her mother create magic by the light of an oil lamp, and now continues with every baby wrapped in the comfort and luxury of ATLIV.

Experience the heartfelt craftsmanship of ATLIV, where every stitch is a promise of love, and every garment is a piece of a rich legacy. Let your baby feel the touch of tradition, woven with care and designed to delight. Discover ATLIV, and wrap your little ones in the love and luxury they deserve.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Love it so much

"The best quality I have found all over North America."

Jessica Mern

Love the culture mix

"Canada's diversity is amazing. I love the mix of eastern and western prints!!"


Timely Delivery

"I recently moved to Toronto and got the parcel right on time for me to not worry about going to stores and buying for my son. ❤️ Life-savers!! "

Kriti Shah

Love their About Story

"Such a home-ly brand. Shows that they absolutely care for their product to be the best."


Love it for my baby

"The rompers are the cutest fits!"


The price matches the quality!

"The quality of the clothes absolutely match the prices. Very few brands have such high quality baby clothing."

Kanwal Khan

So many variety of prints

"The number of prints that they have is fantastic. Lots to choose from. The Bandhani is my personal favourite on my baby."

Sabeen S

Delivered With Style

"The owners really put attention and care to the brand with their personalized notes and cute packaging."

Ina D

Great choice for my baby

"This has been an excellent choice for my baby and kid. Getting them matching sets 😍"


Great choice for my baby

"This has been an excellent choice for my baby and kid. Getting them matching sets 😍"


The Ideal Gift For Mothers

"I sent 2 bloomers to a mommy friend of mine and she absolutely loved it! "

Asma Chaudhry

Love the Material!

The fabric they use is incredibly soft. I have bought multiple items from them and I know i've made the right choice for my baby's attire.